[At night, do you ever get the feeling that you’re not alone, even when you are? Do you ever think that something bad will happen to you, unless you make a lot of noise as a way to feel safe? And do you ever truly feel comfortable on your own in a quiet room, during the darkest hours?]

In a small, tidy, 2-bedroom apartment at 1:45am, a man named Daryll is sitting on a couch, typing on his laptop. He is messaging a friend on Facebook. A sound goes off on the laptop, indicating that he got a notification. He smiles as he continues to type.A few minutes later, he stops typing. He takes his laptop off of his lap and sets it down beside him on the couch. He stands up and walks over to a door. He flicks the switch next to it and opens the door.

Daryll enters the smallest room in his apartment – the bathroom, a room so small he can’t even properly pace around in. The room consists of a toilet, a sink, a basket and a bath. He closes the door behind him. With the lid of the toilet already up, Daryll pulls down his zipper on his jeans. As he refreshingly urinates, the light in the bathroom goes out. The sound of urinating on a floor is heard as he freaks out. The urination quickly stops and a zipper is heard being pulled. The light comes back on by itself as Daryll quickly exits the bathroom after getting a fright.

Daryll looks up at the light bulb in the bathroom with suspicion. He turns off the light. He opens a cupboard and takes out a small box of bulbs. He takes them, and a stepladder from up against the wall, into the bathroom with him and leaves the door open, so the light from the living room shines in. Using the stepladder, he reaches the bulb, unscrews it and removes it. He tosses it on to his couch. He takes a new bulb out of the small box and screws it in. Daryll puts the box of bulbs back into the cupboard and the stepladder back against the wall outside the bathroom. He turns the light back on and takes a towel out of the basket. He cleans up the mess he made when the light went out. He drops the towel back into the basket and leaves the bathroom. He closes the door and turns off the light.

Daryll sits back down on the couch and places the laptop on his lap. After only a moment of typing, the light in the living room goes out. He throws the laptop off of his lap to the other side of the couch and swiftly gets up. He rushes towards the cupboard, takes out a torch on turns it on. He looks around the room, but finds nothing. As he walks towards the living room’s light switch, the light comes back on by itself. He turns off the torch and looks up at the light bulb, once again with suspicion. He puts the torch back into the cupboard and re-enters the bathroom. He splashes water on his face over the sink as he shakes in fear.

Daryll walks into his standard bedroom. He breathes heavily, but slowly, trying to prevent a panic attack. He heavily sighs as he drags himself over to his dresser. Before he could open it, his bedroom light goes out for a moment at 2am. Daryll is heard trying to control his breathing. When the light comes back on, a mysterious long-haired blonde woman wearing a dull, white dress stands behind Daryll, smiling. He slowly turns around and sees her, but he doesn’t scream. He freezes like a statue as the woman looks into his eyes. Daryll barely breathes or moves, petrified, as the woman gently places her hand on his cheek. She slowly strokes his face and makes her way down to his throat. As she continues to smile, she begins strangling Daryll with just one hand. Daryll tries to scream, but gets pinned up against the wall. He struggles, trying to pull the woman’s hand off of him and her face away from him, but he quickly loses consciousness and faints as she lets go of his throat.

At 2:45am, Daryll regains consciousness on a bed with duct tape on his mouth. He shakes his head and looks upwards to his left. He realises his wrist is tied to the bed post. He panics as he tries to pull his wrist out, but the rope is too tight. He quickly looks up to the other side. His other wrist is tied to the bed post on the opposite side. He lifts his head and as he notices his feet tied to the end of the bed, he also sees the long-haired blonde woman wearing the dull, white dress standing by his feet, still smiling. Daryll rapidly breathes and attempts to scream, even with the duct tape on his mouth. The woman slowly approaches the bedside. He tugs at the rope nonstop, but his efforts were futile. As Daryll continues to scream, the woman places her hands on his throat. The light in the room goes out once more and only silence is heard.



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