‘Chain Of Events’: The Journey So Far

It’s been 3 months since the announcement of undertaking the task of writing my first Ebook, ‘Chain Of Events’. Those of you who’ve been seeing my Instagram posts may have noticed once or twice I mentioned feeling like I’ll never get it done. There have been many obstacles and many more are on the rise. This post will cover the journey so far of my upcoming Ebook.

Out of the 3 chapters I have completed, writing Chapter 1, ‘Fizzy Catastrophe’, meant the most to me. What was originally a college project years ago, I’ve always been attached to the story – despite the little sense it made at the time! – because it was the first project of my 2nd and final year I got to work on with great friends. Re-adapting it has been difficult to say the least. I spent plenty of hours learning how to turn my script-formatted stories into book form and it has certainly given me a new appreciation for not only those who publish, but for those who can do it in such a tight space of time! The beginning has truly been a new learning curve.

Powering into Chapter 2, ‘Satisfying Siri’, I’m thankful that I never inherently watered down the weirdness of my writing. It was at this point where I really began becoming lazy about it constantly typing on my laptop so much every day. With scripts, you’re just writing out the bare minimum for yourself personally in order to get the story down. Books require so much more detail, time and effort than I ever could’ve thought. I knew I was in for a rude awakening, but damn! However, my B-movie-like ideas keep me invested in wanting to put something… less traditional we’ll say, out there; a serious idea that’s not taken too seriously, like a chill-out read for fans of fiction! If I stuck too much to the norms of storytelling, I’d probably get bored!

Which brings me to where I am now: finished Chapter 3, ‘021-SOS, and beginning Chapter 4. The journey is a long one no matter what way you go about it. When your mindset isn’t where you want it, the struggle can be real. I honestly thought I’d have the whole book done by now and ready as a great Summer read for relaxers and tanners alike. I don’t think I’ll reach my goal of releasing ‘Chain Of Events’ before the Summer reaches its end, but there’s plenty left in the year so I can guarantee a 2018 release at least! My goal is simple: to bring life to my fucking weird ideas and give people a good laugh!

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