Story Map-Out Part I

Antagonist: Ancient Shapeshifters

– Body made out of Quartz as tough as Diamond (Quarmondite), similar height to DC’s White Martians & The Beast from ‘Angel’, spikes of Quartz have grown out of its elbows, shoulders, wrists and forehead, huge claws, black lines adding detail to the Shapeshifters’ bodies
– Young Shapeshifters made out of brittle Talc before their bodies evolve
– While they can shapeshift into countless different species, the texture of their bodies remains the same

Protagonist: Teenage brother & sister
– Aethelberht “Bertie” Ball; a regular teenage boy with no powers of any kind, visibly petrified of the Shapeshifters but swallows his fear and gets on with what must be done, has panic attacks after every encounter with Shapeshifters due to his overwhelming fears
– Flanna Fulton; a regular teenage girl with no powers of any kind, witty, refuses to back down despite always being at a height disadvantage, has a sincere side she keeps hidden behind her sense of humour

Allies On Both Sides:
Shapeshifters: Generally align with no one other than their own kind, confident in their abilities and power that no one can stand toe-to-toe with them, will only ever align on the slim chance they can’t fulfil a task themselves or if it suits their own intentions
Bertie & Flanna: Best friend Carl Knite, another regular teenage boy with no powers of any kind, cannot believe what he’s gotten involved in in terms of defending himself against Shapeshifters, not the most competent person in combat but does what he can with his environment to survive, never ceases to be amazed by his own survival. Accompanied by several other friends of his own

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