Laudable Lyrics: Avril Lavigne – Head Above Water (Single)

Laudable Lyrics: Avril Lavigne – Head Above Water (Single)

Song lyrics in this world are unfathomable. They can make you feel anything the artist desires – motivation, happiness or great sadness for example. Songs are like enhanced poems, they have the particularly structured sentences that hit the ear in a smooth, flowing manner which are then wrapped around an instrumental, making them more powerful than anyone still currently believes. They’re the perfect representation of pure emotion when correctly executed and that brings me to this: Avril Lavigne’s ‘Head Above Water’.


The first verse kicks off honest vulnerability in a way most people choose not to share. Composure is attempted but ultimately, fear is expressed in the most outward fashion with hints of determination and the want to remain brave.


While lyrics can usually be interpreted in more than one way, I believe there’s only one way to look at the chorus: Avril’s plea to God to save her life from the helplessness she was mired in. Her plea was desperate from the outset, clinging to life as hard as she possibly can as she awaits the help she needs to believe she’ll get. Undoubtedly, the repetition increases this emotion.

With her plea exhibited, the determination to remain alive couldn’t have felt more real in the second verse, mirroring someone trapped underneath rubble and doing all they can to be noticed so they can be saved from their dire situation. Short and sweet was all this verse needed to be.


The bridge is where it becomes evident that acceptance has set in. Avril has become tired after her best demonstration of willpower, feeling as though she now lacks the energy to continue trying but as felt by the rest of the song, giving up is never an option, even when on the brink of death and all hope seems lost.

The music surrounding all of this creates a powerful sensation of life and death. It’s wonderful to listen to as even with all its strength, it manages to come across delicately. Unarguably, an astounding comeback for Avril Lavigne is in play.

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