Laudable Lyrics: Avril Lavigne – Tell Me It’s Over

Laudable Lyrics: Avril Lavigne – Tell Me It’s Over

As far as break-up/relationship songs go, they all sound exactly the same! The majority of these types of songs belongs to Taylor Swift without question. We’ve pretty much heard it all before. The innovation of other artists in this area is also near non-existent, the lyrics and music are merely tweaked at best. However, there are still those few that are trying to breathe new life into this rundown theme. Like last week, this ‘Laudable Lyrics’ piece will be focusing on an Avril Lavigne song – ‘Tell Me It’s Over’.


The lyrics go back and forth between being direct about the toxic relationship and representing the dire situation of being in one. The representation throughout the first verse is being in a revolving door with the significant other – a loop that inherently continues until at least one brave step is taken away from the toxicity. The movements are like a never-ending, tedious dance supplied with nothing but familiarity.

As Avril moves into the chorus, it becomes clear this relationship won’t end until this person leaves for the final time. Evidently, a lot can be said with four lines of song. These lines alone make up the entire song – the predicament, the thoughts, the feelings, all thunderous.


The second verse focuses on the helplessness of the situation previously set up. Evacuation has been attempted, only for nothing to change as Avril paints a picture of constantly being sucked back in. The past is looked upon with rose-coloured glasses, but the hope for that to lie in the present moment has already long-been extinguished. Recognising the calamity of the events is far from enough however, the helplessness becoming as direct as one can possibly get in the last three lines before the chorus.


The bridge is the final straw, Avril’s lyrics depicting a person who has been fully aware of her self-worth but is finding the strength to enact upon it almost impossible with this particular vile of poison around. Approaching the final line, the foot has officially been put down. The chorus has been portraying the need for consent of the toxicity in order to leave it because it is what keeps returning, like an unwanted moth to a light that simply isn’t meant for it, but that belting final line of the bridge is a scream comparable to Thanos’ snap while the chorus retains its meaning – hoping the toxic situation is gone and remains that way.

The potency of these lyrics becomes amplified by the music surrounding it and illustrates a sea of passion that’s impossible to feel with the constant use of dance music and repetitive beats that has been provided by most of the modern era. A passionate, soul-pouring anthem like ‘Tell Me It’s Over’ stands out in all the right ways as we draw one step closer to Avril Lavigne’s sixth album.


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