The Story of My First Story

Everyone should be able to remember the day they wrote their first story, or first song, etc. – the first time they dipped their toes in something they were sure they’d love and were right about their assumptions. The general thought is it’s a glorious time of inaugural satisfaction in the craft and you feel … Continue reading The Story of My First Story

Critic Correction: An Equitable Look at The Eastrail 177 Trilogy

The images used are not my own work The first installment released in 2000, continuing 16 years later and the latest insertion being last week, this much is all I’ve ever known about the Eastrail 177 Trilogy. I never knew they were M. Night Shyamalan’s projects, what the plots were about or even if they … Continue reading Critic Correction: An Equitable Look at The Eastrail 177 Trilogy

Critics’ Dislike of Comedy

More than any other genre (including horror), comedy gets critically panned at a constant rate. A comedic movie/TV show can contain well-written humour, do what it’s supposed to do as a full-blown spoof and can encourage standout moments of acting and yet, these contents go underappreciated because of the category they’re involved in. Critics’ dislike … Continue reading Critics’ Dislike of Comedy

Does Sci-Fi Have Any Limitations?

In worlds where becoming the extraordinary hero/villain is achievable, where science pushes boundaries with powers beyond any explanation until after it happens and the relationships between people drastically change as a result, the word 'impossible' doesn't seem to appear in any dictionaries in the world of Science Fiction. However, is that actually the case? With … Continue reading Does Sci-Fi Have Any Limitations?

Is ‘Bird Box’ Worth The Watch Or Simply A Popular Meme?

2018 brought a lot of noteworthy movies to the table. There were amazing movies, criminally abysmal ones, controversial ones that split audiences and everything in between. And yet, none grabbed anyone’s attention quite like a certain Netflix original. More people than not likely only know it as the most recent popularised meme (my favourite being … Continue reading Is ‘Bird Box’ Worth The Watch Or Simply A Popular Meme?

Are Writing Seminars Still Necessary?

As the world of film and areas alike continue to change coming into 2019, so have certain resources, particularly those to do with writing. A lot of what one can learn about many different forms of writing can be found outlined by online articles and YouTube videos by both semi-experienced writers and professionals. This begs … Continue reading Are Writing Seminars Still Necessary?