Are Writing Seminars Still Necessary?

As the world of film and areas alike continue to change coming into 2019, so have certain resources, particularly those to do with writing. A lot of what one can learn about many different forms of writing can be found outlined by online articles and YouTube videos by both semi-experienced writers and professionals. This begs the question, are writing seminars still necessary? As with everything, there are pros and cons.


1. Listening to professional advice in person


Listening to someone talk about something you enjoy on a stage right in front of you is an extraordinary experience. You can feel how hyped they are, how passionate they are and the more they talk, the more infectious these feelings become in the moment. In addition to this, these professionals will open up about their past – what led them down their path and what they went through to get where they are today. The experience becomes personal.

2. Opportunities to show your work


Having your work critiqued and getting feedback is advantageous in any setting, but getting that feedback from someone you might even admire is insurmountable. Although the chances of it happening may vary, getting an honest opinion of a piece of work, whether it be positive or negative, mixed with some encouragement right there and then acts as a superb confidence booster. Undoubtedly, it can lead to progression of your work and an amplified work ethic.

3. Being surrounded by fellow writers will help you find your voice


The most effective tool for any writer to possess is their voice. A writer’s voice is seen in absolutely everything, from the way sentences are structured to what they’re capable of making you see and feel. This gives readers a glimpse into what kind of person the writer is to build a connection and keep them coming back to their work. While finding that voice is always going to be a tough endeavour, the easiest way to do so is to be surrounded by writers who are confident they’ve found theirs and what’s a better place for a discovery of that calibre than a writing seminar?


1. The cost


When it comes to just about anything, the biggest irritant of all-time has got to be how much it’s going to cost. Obviously, it depends on who’s running the seminar as to what the price will be but normally, a small fortune would have to be shilled out with the potential of it being not worth anywhere close to that amount. Doing your research won’t always ensure the decision will be easier to make. It could end up being an expensive gamble and then there’s the reasoning of why someone should pay that much for something they might end up seeing online anyway. Speaking of online…

2. Everything you need to know is online


A quick Google search and you can have everything you need to know at your fingertips! Reading articles, watching videos about how to write and perfecting your skills over time is much more beneficial than spending who knows how much on a talk that might be found standard, boring and just plain uninspiring. The internet has an endless amount of resources to help you accomplish all you wish to in the field of writing and more!

3. You can simply watch and learn elsewhere


This one can be trickier, but it’s still possible to simply watch and learn from some of your favourite movies and/or TV shows. Recognising different formulas and seeing some being repeated in countless other works is a great to add some of your own complexities. Although it takes time, practice makes perfect, especially practical practice and this is the most practical any amateur can become and learn for themselves. Soon, you could end up seeing complex stories as something simpler than before when trying to understand what’s going on right in front of you.

Taking everything into consideration, paying to go to a seminar to watch and listen to someone you’re familiar with discuss a topic you’re passionate about truly is worth all the hassle, not for reasons of accomplishment, but for reasons of wanting a picture, autograph or even a brief chat as a fan. Even though results can stem from an experience like that, they can stem just as intelligently researching online or watching/reading something you love. This doesn’t only go for writing, this can be applied to the majority of seminars being held. Running them is still going to be making people money in the foreseeable future, however, they’re no longer necessary for any educational purposes.

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