Villains – A Guilty Pleasure

Things are so much simpler the younger we are. During those times, it’s expected of us to root for the hero and hope the villain gets taken down and that’s exactly what happens. Our innocent little minds crave for that happy, heroic ending where everything either returns to normal or for more tranquillity to be gained. However, as we get older, we appreciate the villains we’re supposed to hate more and more, regardless of how heinous their actions become. What can we say? A well-written villain is usually more compelling than a well-written hero to adult mentality.

One of the most beloved villains there has ever been is DC’s Joker.


Regardless of the rendition – animated or live-action – The Joker is a notorious psychopath & murder, sees his confrontations with Batman as fun games instead of intimidating stare-downs and has extraordinary intellect. Though these are listed as reasons why we should hate him – considering if The Joker was a real-life persona, we would! – they became reasons why we enjoy the character. The quality writing that has gone into The Joker time and again is impeccable. In ‘The Dark Knight’, we see how his mind works first hand under complex conditions and it worked on every level! Batman is a thrilling force to be reckoned with, but watching The Joker is like poetry in motion.

While on the topic of loving villains we’re supposed to hate, one should never consider leaving out Eobard Thawne/The Reverse-Flash!


This right here is a man from the 25th Century who became so obsessed with The Flash that he figured out how to give himself the same superspeed that was bestowed upon Barry Allen and travelled back in time in an attempt to meet Barry, only to stumble across the fact that he was destined to be his arch-enemy and began a series of brutal attacks throughout time to ruin his entire life. We should be despising this maniac, but we don’t. Similar to The Joker, the writing quality Reverse Flash has been subjected to more often than not is complex gold. It’s mesmerising to read the stories of Thawne having constant exciting battles with The Flash and even becoming a time paradox! Predominantly when it comes to Speedsters, there’s so much complexity involved that I don’t think one single blog post could house everything one has done, even more so in Thawne’s case. As one of the best written comic book villains, it’s incredibly tough to want his story to come to and end once and for all.

Although my best two examples of villains you’re supposed to hate are comic book villains with intricate stories to their names, it isn’t always about either of those elements. Behind every odious character is a bright character who knows exactly how to appeal to readers, viewers, etc. Based on beloved TV shows/movies and the evidence above, villains have truly become a guilty pleasure for the adult mentality!

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