Critics’ Dislike of Comedy

More than any other genre (including horror), comedy gets critically panned at a constant rate. A comedic movie/TV show can contain well-written humour, do what it’s supposed to do as a full-blown spoof and can encourage standout moments of acting and yet, these contents go underappreciated because of the category they’re involved in. Critics’ dislike of comedy is nothing new. In fact, it’s quite clear why they’re delusional enough to think comedy is beneath them.


Lack of Drama


It’s never been a mystery that comedies lack the drama of action and thrillers. Therefore, they must have no stakes and no drama at all, right? Well, actually, things aren’t always as they may seem. ‘The Change-Up’ offers the stake of two men who have switched bodies may never be able to switch back. ‘Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls’ has Ace Ventura put his life on the line in Africa to unite two separated tribes by tracking down an exchange. ‘Superhero Movie’ follows Rick Riker on his journey to foil The Hourglass. This list could continue with ‘Norbit’ and ‘A Million Ways To Die In The West’, but you get my point. The stakes of a lot of comedies seem to be hidden by the exact elements that categorise it as a comedy in the eyes of critics. Since when does that mean they’re not there? The listed examples are good for the rib-tickling genre with their balance of drama as much as ‘Bird Box’ has been for horror.


No Deeper Meaning


This excuse is one that shouldn’t exist, period. More often than not in the modern world, a movie is panned and snubbed for not having any deep meaning embedded into it. It appears to have become criteria for any cinematic venture to have some kind of profound interpretation at least in order to be seen as successful. Realistically, there’s nothing wrong with some chill viewing. If the human race was constantly subjected to immeasurable essence, they’d become exhausted, minds would crash and burn and they’d be clamouring for something that’s simply entertaining with not much more than what meets the eye. We have ‘Netflix & Chill’ for a reason.


Too Much Silliness


Another comedic aspect that shouldn’t be seen as encouraging a constant “problem”, over-the-top silliness could be just what someone needs to brighten their day or continue an above-average one. Laughter is a powerful force and is one this form of entertainment successfully provides. The world can’t always be doused by brooding Zack Snyder movies and shared universe flicks. Balance is needed and this is it. I’d hate to see the world of film if everything got greenlit or denied by critics alone, because that’s pretty much what it would be: a debilitating existence containing a deficiency of substance that normally allows the mind to regroup and catch its breath, so to speak. Sure, there are comedies that take silliness to a level of pure unintelligence like ‘Holmes & Watson’, but a few horrendous examples shouldn’t make anyone second-guess the benefit of amusing, chill, popcorn flicks.

Thankfully, we’re entering a time where professional critics’ views/opinions are being valued less and less. There’s 101 ways to analyse something. For critics to think their evaluations are far superior than the average viewers’ is mind-boggling. Don’t let critics’ hate for the comedy genre make you feel like you shouldn’t any of it anymore. Watch that comedy. Trust me, it’s good!

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