Why Rejection Isn’t the End

Having your book(s) being rejected by publishers time and time again after all the hard work and long periods of time you put into them can leave writers feeling distraught. It's like rejections the first few times are expected and easily dealt with because everyone gets used to the process of trying but when they … Continue reading Why Rejection Isn’t the End

An Individual Impression: The Oscars

With the 2019 Oscars right around the corner, we're bound to see several groups of stand-out movies, each filled with different kinds of meaning and direction. However, viewers don't always particularly have a want to watch a movie with a good story that brags about the meaning and direction it attempts to reflect within itself. … Continue reading An Individual Impression: The Oscars

Head Above Water – The Journey of Death and Resurgence

Today is finally the day! Avril Lavigne's highly anticipated 6th album Head Above Water has dropped! The best words that can be used to express the impact of these combinations, from tone to vocals, are dramatic, intensity and tenacity. There was no holding back during and in the aftermath of a dreadful experience and what came of … Continue reading Head Above Water – The Journey of Death and Resurgence

The Benefits of Keeping a Writing Journal

Laptop? Check. Bulletin board? Check. Notebook & pens? Check. But what about a writing journal? With as many materials as just mentioned in hand, a writing journal can easily go overlooked, especially if you already have a notebook. A notebook is usually for entire stories, character descriptions, even for writing out the story in general … Continue reading The Benefits of Keeping a Writing Journal