The Best Place to Be in Cork (As A Writer)

As someone who has always lived in Co. Cork, Ireland, it’s effortless to overlook all the great places and views around. I have the places like The Lough I pass through on my way home, everything I need to get near enough in The City Centre and rarely, I look around to see what beauty my surroundings are made of. Upon recollection, there is one place in particular that comes across as tranquil, creative and inspiring.

Fitzgerald’s Park


Coming from a writer’s perspective, it’s simple to focus your mind on any task at hand surrounded by such tranquillity, the section where benches are neighbouring the fountain being the best example. Noise could be happening anywhere in the entire park and you wouldn’t hear much of it in this distinct area. Many a time I’ve seen writers and readers alike come here and do their thing for hours on end, undisturbed and happy. What can I say, it’s a great place to gather your thoughts. However, writers aren’t the only creative minds who regularly gather around the location in general.


Front and centre in a field of its own as you enter the park, crowds have been known to converge to watch local musicians perform. Whether it’s a band who make bookings or college students setting up for their friends, it’s always a sight to behold, a day of serene weather to watch music happen. The more creativity that floods Fitzgerald’s Park, it becomes harder not to feel inspired. What more could you ask for in a place? One thing comes to my mind: what about the ear-pounding sound of kids playing? Thankfully, it’s covered!


In a third component of the park, we can all count our blessings that there’s a play area for monstrous kids to run amok and annoy their parents instead of… well, literally anyone else! Whether you’re a writer or a musician or even a photographer looking for that perfect shot, I’m sure we can all agree it’s a great innovation for a place to section the kids away those who wish to be productive when it’s difficult to be in many places, such as the confines of your home.

From the views to the placid feeling in the air, Fitzgerald’s Park is where my creativity flows the best, where I can actually string some clear-cut thoughts together and let the inspiration wash over me as I do what I do best – write – and I feel grateful that many similar minds feel the very same way.

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