How I Get Rid of Writer’s Block

Without a shadow of a doubt, writer’s block is almost identical to the plague! It stops you dead in your tracks with seemingly nowhere to go, like a maze – can’t find a way forward or back the way you came, so you just end up stopping. Of all the things to stop someone’s flow, such as procrastination, writer’s block is the most hindering flow-stopper to suffer from. Whenever I’m experiencing such an annoyance, there’s just 2 things I always do to kick my mind back into gear.

Come To Peace With It


Relax. You’re no good to yourself when you’re stressed out by how much you’re stressed over having a blocked mind. Stress never leads to great stories, frantic writing just to get something written for the sake of it, maybe, but never great stories. Simply relaxing actually helps resolve so many problems because you begin to give your mind clarity rather than a cloud of pressure. Whatever kind of logic process your mind naturally goes through when you’re in the zone can continue, but not all will be cured after this. This is just to reduce your anxiety so you think about my main piece of advice rationally.

Do Nothing


Allow me to elaborate more on this: I don’t mean sit on a couch like a vegetable and do nothing at all until you zombify! I mean do nothing with your writing for the time being. Whether you feel it or not, your mind has become exhausted for a variety of reasons. It could be because of how much you’re writing or outside interference from other aspects of your life, the point is you’re drained from constantly focusing on too much at once. So, put you’re writing away and do something else. Eventually, a sentence or an idea or something along those lines will pop into your head, you’ll go back to your story to write it in and before you know it, the flawless motion of your storytelling will return.

Writer’s block isn’t like a boulder obstructing the only pathway, it’s like a current of electricity and you need to recharge. Don’t force it. That’s the worst thing you could possibly do. It just leads to stress on top of stress in an endless loop. Relax and take a break. Writing isn’t about how fast you can finish your story, it’s about getting it out at your own pace.

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