The Benefits of Keeping a Writing Journal

Laptop? Check. Bulletin board? Check. Notebook & pens? Check. But what about a writing journal? With as many materials as just mentioned in hand, a writing journal can easily go overlooked, especially if you already have a notebook. A notebook is usually for entire stories, character descriptions, even for writing out the story in general if you find it difficult to get thinking in front of a bright screen. I see a writing journal as something different, something simpler. If you’re still wondering what benefits it could possibly have, allow me to shed some light on that.

For Those Exquisite Sentences When You’re Away From Your Work Space


There’s no better place to focus and avoid procrastinating in than your very own work space where you essentially live in your own world. However, you can’t always be in that space with easy access to whatever you need, despite your creativity never ceasing. That’s where the writing journal comes in. When those exceptional lines come to mind when you’re out and about, when you finally think of that one detail that allows you to recommence your narrative as you’re ready to sleep, you can whip out that writing journal and quickly jot it down before your brain threatens to forget it a mere minute later. For those details that just appear out of nowhere, it can be a lifesaver!

It Keeps Other Ideas Separate From Any Current Work


I’m confident that not a single writer in the world can solely keep one book, script, etc. as their centre of attention. We’re storytellers. We mightn’t even be halfway through one story before elements for an entirely new one flows through our minds and we decide to focus on that for a while.  This is where the general notebook becomes a discombobulated mess, filled with ideas on top of arcs without any sort of organisation system. You can use the writing journal to satisfy your imagination by penning all these new ideas, arcs and details down as bullet-points and come back to it later. This really saves you having to flip through your notebook wondering exactly where you were writing about your current project. Every minute matters.

It’s More Reliable Than Your Phone


Your phone is in your hand almost 24/7. At some stage when your creative juices are overflowing, either your battery will inconvenience you by depleting or you’ll simply break it by dropping it. A writing journal doesn’t need a battery for you to open it and won’t temporarily cease being useful after you drop it. Having everything written in ink on paper is actually more secure when it’s for something of high importance. We may be in the age of technology, but the old-fashioned pen and paper still hold a valuable place in it.

A writing journal can lead to a calmer, systematised mind – something a lot of people, not just writers, find tough to come by – and that’s an opportunity that shouldn’t be passed up on.  Typing on screens can be thought-depriving and the average human being gathers too many ideas each day to be able to remember them all. Don’t stress out about what you have forgotten/might forget or being unable to put two words together on a computer/phone. Crack open a writing journal with a pen in hand and see if it makes a difference for you.

4 thoughts on “The Benefits of Keeping a Writing Journal

  1. Man, I wholeheartedly agree with this. Not only do I keep a journal, but I also have multiple types so my thoughts go to the right place. Therefore I don’t forget my ideas whether they turn out to good or awful. 😀

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  2. I completely agree with this post!! I am a person who adores notebooks and journaling and I find that having different notebooks for writing as a whole (including a writing journal as you described) have been so helpful with ideas etc. Really loved this!! Xx

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    1. How people manage to keep everything in the one notebook seems to be beyond both of us haha that just sounds really messy with no guarantee of recollection of ideas. I’m glad you enjoyed the read! xx


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