When You Can Call Yourself a Writer

More often than not, writers tend to attempt to pinpoint the exact moment they’re able to call themselves a writer. Just by the sound and look of the word, there’s a professional stigma behind it keeping people from building an identity around it when that’s exactly what they’re working so hard to achieve. Fear not, for I am here to let you know precisely when you can call yourself a writer and reassure you that it’s a lot less complicated than you think.

You Have a Project in Progress


Whatever it is you’ve decided to work on, whether it be flash fiction, a short story or even a full-blown book/script, you’ve got a project in the pipeline that you’re working on, that you’re writing and that’s one of the keywords here: writing. You’re already writing! Sure, some days you mightn’t type a thing and maybe there are even months when you don’t look at what you’ve written, but you know you’ll always come back to it no matter the duration you leave it in limbo for. At your own pace, you’ll continue and finish what you started. That’s what being a writer is all about, not having someone of more well-known recognition label you as a professional and seeing that as official. You’ll be official LONG before that!

You Can Never Turn Off Your Ideas


Having a waterfall of ideas is never a bad thing. They hold the power to impact our sleep and concentration when we’re supposed to have our focus shifted elsewhere, but that’s when the best ideas for all kinds of adventurous tales emerge from some chasm in our brains. Anyone who doesn’t put pen to paper at all or try to have a single creative thought will find it much easier to switch off their internal lights whenever they please, not so much for the actively thinking, sometimes overly-stimulated storytellers of the world! Someone tells you something about themselves? You can write a whole arc around that. Experiencing grievances? Where else would it be channelled? Someone buttered a piece of bread? Now there’s an intriguing start to a narrative! You’re a writer, these thoughts and many more come as easy as you’re able to look at the palm of your hand!

You Can Feel It


As previously mentioned, you really can’t place a moment in time where you can be officiated as a writer. Like with anything, It’s just something you know. You feel it, the label sounds so right and you can finally say you’ve found your place in the world, creating your own worlds and other sub-worlds. There’s just no better way to describe it other than a certain, undeniable feeling that you were meant to have those thoughts, pick up a writing tool and put your creativity to good use.

The second you decide you’re a writer is when you can call yourself a writer. It only comes down to how you perceive yourself in that field. You have the facts of who you are and what you do, others just have an opinion about it that doesn’t necessarily matter in any way.

[Side note: I apologise for not posting this on Monday like I normally do every week, this week in particular just doesn’t know when to stop taking over!]

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