An Individual Impression: The Oscars

With the 2019 Oscars right around the corner, we’re bound to see several groups of stand-out movies, each filled with different kinds of meaning and direction. However, viewers don’t always particularly have a want to watch a movie with a good story that brags about the meaning and direction it attempts to reflect within itself. So I asked myself the question, are Oscar-nominated movies really the pinnacle of cinema?


Personally, I think The Oscars are completely overhyped and overrated. They celebrate movies they select for nomination that are apparently exquisitely written, perfectly directed and mired in deep meaning. In reality, these nominations are simply decent narratives at best with everyone who worked on them talking about meaning that doesn’t exist in an attempt to be seen as unique and outside the box. I don’t think every nomination is like that, but there sure is an overhaul of them every year!

91st Annual Academy Awards - Governors Ball Press Preview

Rarely on this specific showcase of talents and execution do we see an exceptional, properly emotional comedy taking any kind of gold. These higher-up Hollywood types search for only one thing: a serious tone. Who wouldn’t believe a person of such calibre if they spouted off on how much significance these serious movies contained? After all, they’re serious so it must be true, right? Not even close! On top of that predictability, the ones who deserve to win in their respective categories the most don’t actually win a whole lot despite overwhelming support. The best example of this is Leonardo DiCaprio. The Revenant shouldn’t have been the movie to finally get DiCaprio his much-deserved win, if not Catch Me If You Can, then The Wolf Of Wall Street, but certainly not The Revenant.


Combine everything previously mentioned with mundane speeches about changing the world and the air-time of the entire ceremony and you really have a chore on your hands if you choose to tune in! The Oscars will never change and neither will my opinion of them. For me, it would be like watching the Superbowl – the highlights are exciting enough, but little to nothing actually ends up happening. Don’t let my opinion deter you though, it’s called an opinion for a reason. It would simply be a shame to have someone regret the whole viewing, so why not throw in this little warning?

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