Why Rejection Isn’t the End

Having your book(s) being rejected by publishers time and time again after all the hard work and long periods of time you put into them can leave writers feeling distraught. It’s like rejections the first few times are expected and easily dealt with because everyone gets used to the process of trying but when they are used to it and those declines keep coming, shrugging it off becomes arduous. Although there’s a chance you’ve heard it all before, I’m still going to remind you why rejection isn’t the end all, be all.

It’s Not a Reflection of Your Abilities


Never convince yourself that refusals are equal to your talent! Regardless of what goes through the minds of publishers when they decide they don’t want to go further with you and your work, opinions is all they are and everyone’s are different. Undoubtedly, you’re still a good writer. You know yourself that you’ll continue to write no matter what because you love it. Persevere because you know you’re too good to just give up.

Rejections Come With Lessons

Learning on Red Keyboard Button.

Pitching to publishers is a prodigious learning curve. The lessons rejections leave you with are various kinds of experience. The inaugural pitch is often a clueless one, even if you think you know what you’re doing. Be thankful for these rejections. You come away with more knowledge as to how to present yourself – whether it be in person or over email – and how to sell yourself and that’s not just exclusive for pitching books either. The rebuff is a blessing in disguise. It’s what will eventually lead to your success.

Ebooks Are Also a Good Option


If your desire exceeds your patience, look no further than the Ebook! Now, don’t go thinking that because Ebooks tend to be sold for drastically less than paperbacks (odds are this doesn’t matter to you anyway, it’s not why writers begin writing) and not backed by a high-profile publisher that is a bad idea. Look at Ebooks as building up a resume to back yourself up for publishers if you still wish to go down that route. Having a popular, semi-profitable book online won’t guarantee anything, but it will serve as an example exactly how successful a paperback version could be. If you won’t take my word for it, take a look at this article I recently read that covers self-publishing and effective selling/marketing. It’s quite an in-depth piece and it may hold some helpful tips to encourage you to at least consider this option.

Cherish the rejections. When you don’t allow them to get you down, they will help you reach your highest potential. They should be seen as the beginning rather than an at attempt one. I’ll tell you one thing: they certainly don’t signal the end!

9 thoughts on “Why Rejection Isn’t the End

    1. Everything that revolves around writing requires perseverance and patience, especially when it comes to trying to make a living off of our love for it. Eventually, we’ll all get there ๐Ÿ™‚


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