Finding the Time to Write

It’s been nearly 2 weeks since my last blog post. The time flew by like it was nothing. This entire week has been a clusterfuck of trying to get writing in on top of a mountain of college assignments! It’s felt like a lot of pressure as the academic year is coming to an end, but it has given me an idea: can one truly balance writing with everything else going on in their lives?

Long Answer Short:


Of course you can! Manage your time efficiently and there are enough hours in the day to get everything done. It is possible. However, it’s far easier said than done! More often than not when starting out, writing needs to take the backburner in favour of anything that will allow you to live a stable life in your current situation. You won’t be in that situation forever, it’s only temporary. Whatever constant is currently helping you in your situation, prioritise that.

That Doesn’t Mean Stop Writing


Allow me to be a little clearer. I would NEVER suggest a writer to stop writing! For now, it’s simply something that needs to be squeezed into wherever you can fit it into while you sort through everything else going on. You’ll still have time to jot your notes down, come up with new concepts, dialogue, etc., it’ll just have to be in your air pockets of free time. The goal is to do what you love for a living. Never lose sight of that and you’ll get there!

Write When It Matters Most


Whenever you notice an unmissable opportunity to submit, write. Whenever you have the chance to share your work with friends, family, fellow writers, etc., write. The possibility of life interfering with your good work is inevitable. I’ve learned first-hand throughout this week that something will always try to push you off into a completely different direction than where you’re aiming when it comes to trying to live how you want vs how you’re expected to live.

So, play the role. Engage with those regular expectations by day, be an ultimate opportunist with what moves your heart by night. If you don’t have to do things this way, then don’t by all means! But sometimes, you might have to.

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