The Liebster Blog Award – Nomination

A couple of days ago, I received a nomination for The Liebster Blog Award! Along with this comes a set of rules to follow, so let’s get down to it.



  1. Thank your nominator and provide a link to their blog
  2. Post the award on your blog – as a widget, in a category, as long as it’s noticeable on your blog
  3. Write 11 random facts about yourself
  4. Answer all 11 questions the nominator asked
  5. Nominate 11 more bloggers – this is for upcoming bloggers with 200 followers or less!
  6. Come up with 11 new questions for your nominees to answer

Thank You

Thank you card

Thank you very much to Nicole of Just A Belfast Girl for the nomination! Her website is simple to navigate and is full of great reads. You definitely won’t regret taking a look around.

Posting Award On Blog

The award will be in my ‘Blog Posts’ section in the ‘Awards’ category. That might change at some point but for now, that’s where this post will be featured.

11 Random Facts

download (1)

  1. Every time I hear of a movie being based on a true story, I automatically assume critics have given it at least 4 stars and don’t bother with it most of the time
  2. I don’t download much music. I’m happy enough with the few artists I listen to
  3. I’m more encouraged by a pen & paper than a laptop
  4. I find Battle Royale games to be so fucking boring. Main mission w/ side missions all day long!
  5. I physically can’t eat lettuce/cabbage. It’s like wet, elastic tissue. It’s disgusting
  6. I prefer being out having drinks. I have no problem staying in with my own company either, I just prefer one over the other
  7. I don’t wear my glasses as much as I used to. Still get an eye test every year or two though
  8. I despise TV Documentaries with every fibre of my being. They’re primarily used for tragedies, so everything always being tragic becomes exhausting to watch and the same 5 pieces of B-Roll footage are used on repeat. It’s all so tedious
  9. I purposefully annoy people & lack logic unless things need to be taken seriously. It’s fun. That’s just my humour
  10. I enjoy indulging in B-movies. A relaxing piece of mindless action can be good sometimes. Not to the extent of Michael Bay though. That’s too much
  11. I’m a co-admin of the Wrestle-Hero Rebelz blog with my friend, Mike (yes, I’ve just used my final random fact as a cheap plug…)

Nicole’s 11 Questions


1. Q: What is your favourite scary movie?

A: ‘Alien’ is truly one of my only answers. Most scary movies are 100% about jump-scares and a lot even fail to be psychologically riveting. Everything that happened with the different stages of the creature in ‘Alien’ is as terrifying as it is mesmirising.

2. Q: If you could time travel, where would you go?

A: I’ve got no interest in history and I’d rather not get stuck in the past if I was unable to travel back to my original time afterwards, so somewhere in the future it is!

3. Q: If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

A: Super speed. Eobard Thawne may be a psychopathic speedster, but he managed to become a time paradox and insert himself into many different places in the timeline without consequence or permanent death. I can think of a few people I’d enjoy terrorising.

4. Q: Which of your personality traits have gotten you in the most trouble, and why?

A: My unwavering tendency to be a lazy blob. I believe that speaks for itself.

5. Q: What is the most cheesy pick up line you’ve had? Did it work?

A: I honestly can’t think of any cheesy pick-up lines I’ve used, mostly because I’ve never actually said them in person before. Whenever I have, it was on Tinder – none of them memorable. I’ve only ever gotten as far as the first date, so they worked for that.

6. Q: Would you rather burp loudly every time you kiss someone (or something), or drool when you talk?

A: Burp loudly every time I kiss. I won’t be burping loudly very often.

7. Q: If you could ask your pet (or a pet you are close to if you don’t have one) three questions other than,”Do you love me?” What would they be and why?

A: 1. “Do you hate me?” – There’s a dog in the area I live who barks at me every time I look at him. I want answers.

2. “What goes through that head of yours?” – I’m interested in the exact images that go through this dog’s head. Maybe he doesn’t realise I live in the same place.

3. “What’s your biggest fear?” – I’ve seen dogs afraid of cats. I want to know if this is the same case.

8. Q: What movie sequel do you wish you could erase from history and why was it so bad for you?

A: ‘Iron Man 2’. It was just made to introduce new characters. The plot was nothing. I can get that from any B-movie!

9. Q: What is the worst book (not a school book! Nice try, though!) you have ever read and why did you hate it so much?

A: I don’t read enough to be able to answer this one. Ironic. I’m a writer who can count every book he’s ever read in the last 11 years on one hand. I don’t think the few I’ve read deserve to be on a ‘worst book’ list. ‘Eragon’ was fine.

10. Q: What fictional character do you wish you could meet?

A: Thanos. Let’s talk about all those memes!

11. Q: If your life was a soundtrack with 15 – 20 songs what would the songs be and what would you call the album?

A: Such a detailed question. Alright, let’s see:

  1. ‘She Hates Me’ – Puddle Of Mudd
  2. ‘Complicated’ – Avril Lavigne
  3. ‘Photograph’ – Nickelback
  4. ‘Dead’ – Phoebe Ryan
  5. ‘Stronger’ – Through Fire
  6. ‘Watch Me Shine’ – Fozzy
  7. ‘Didn’t I’ – Jaira Burns
  8. ‘Far Away’ – Nickelback
  9. ‘Rock Bottom’ – Hailee Steinfeld
  10. ‘Bigger Wow’ – Avril Lavigne
  11. ‘Burn Me Out’ – Fozzy
  12. ‘Mine’ – Phoebe Ryan
  13. ‘Gotta Be Somebody’ – Nickelback
  14. ‘Dumb Blonde’ – Avril Lavigne
  15. ‘Shine Forever’ – Fozzy

Album Name: ‘Construct of Dalen’

11 Nominations


  1. LAmisspoetry’s words
  2. Tall Blonde Tales
  3. Sage Olivia
  4. BarrelRiderWannabe
  5. Contemplative Nostalgia
  6. Penn’s Private Party
  7. Wrestle-Hero Rebelz
  8. Angela Prendergast
  9. Wrath of Violets
  10. Spice and Sauce
  11. Moonstruck

11 New Questions


  1.  Why do you believe you deserve this award?
  2. If you could be in a music video, which one would you be in?
  3. Coke or Pepsi?
  4. What is your favourite season? Why?
  5. What type of music best describes your personality?
  6. Introvert or Extrovert?
  7. What would you wear if you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life?
  8. Is there a mysterious, isolated area of your house you’ve never been in? If so, why?
  9. In a battle to end all battles, what is your weapon of choice?
  10. What food seduces you like no other?
  11. Do you prefer heroes or villains? Why?


I wish all the best of luck to those I’ve nominated! Deciding the winner of this will be a year-long process… don’t turn your back for the next 7 months…

4 thoughts on “The Liebster Blog Award – Nomination

  1. HAHA I loved your album! It’s like 00’s EMO music meets current Pop. So glad there is no BTS on there or I would have screamed. The answers about the doggo made me LOL, I really want to find out if my dog is staring at me because he wants attention or is merely just disgusted by my presence. I want to know why he has little man complex because I raised him better and what exactly it is about squeaky toys that makes him go insane. Oh, and if because I do the poopy dance when I’ve had a poop has he adapted his own version of it because he didn’t do that when he was younger. Alien is a good movie, albeit weird, I’m not into aliens funnily enough considering I love all that stuff. Loved this, Dalen! I knew you were an excellent choice.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If anyone asks me what my musical taste is, that’s going to be my answer from now on haha I usually never have a solid answer. Fear not, there will never be BTS on any list with my name on it. I assume dogs stare because they always want something or could be waiting for you to do something. They should just tell us. I can see you’re a good doggo mom, it’s those other dogs, bad influences they are! A poopy dance… first time I’ve ever heard of that being a thing haha sounds cute though, you’ve taught him well. Anything in particular you’d choose instead of Alien? Thank you very much for including me, Nicole! I think this post brought the best out of my personality in the form of text and I have you to thank for that

      Liked by 1 person

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