Laudable Lyrics: Phoebe Ryan – A Thousand Ways

2 years since her last album release and 1 year since her last single dropped, Phoebe Ryan recently delivered a new single to the world, ‘A Thousand Ways’. Her last few singles have been enjoyable for their melodious simplicity coupled with some snappy lyrics. Whenever a notable amount of time passes by, expectations becomes uncertain as hopes run high. It was the right time to get more of what Phoebe has to offer.


‘A Thousand Ways’ starts off in the simplest way possible – with a few acoustic guitar chords and some gently delivered lyrics. The more music evolves into electropop and other electronic variants, I become much more appreciative of straightforward acoustics. It doesn’t take too long for things to take a darker turn wrapped in a catchy beat, making the darkness deceptively pleasant and leaves the listener wanting more and more. In fact, the chorus sounds like a never-ending loop. It’s hard to ignore a powerful, toe-tapping rhythm regardless of what it’s enveloped by.


No Phoebe Ryan song would be complete without those memorable & confident backing vocals Phoebe provides with most, if not all of her songs. They’re always a fun highlight that turn the emotions up another level and here is no different. The only shame here is that Phoebe’s a drastically underrated artist and more people won’t get to listen to this subtle excellence [for now].

Recommend: Yes

Rating: 4/5


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