Using Procrastination to Your Advantage

Featured Image Credit: Renita Kalhorn, For months now, I’ve been sitting across from procrastination, seeing it as my enemy. While there have been instances where I’ve been able to put my head down and write, it’s been mostly stress and pressure with no results, yet it’s the only angle I tackled my lack of … Continue reading Using Procrastination to Your Advantage

5 Ways To Make The Novel Writing Process Less Stressful

Thursday night/Friday morning. 3am. Once again, I wasn't writing. I badger myself about it and really try to push myself, yet it always ends the same: feeling guilty about not writing and irreparably lazy. It was the perfect time to come up with alternate ways to make myself feel better about this whole 'writing concept'. … Continue reading 5 Ways To Make The Novel Writing Process Less Stressful

’73 Questions’ Blogger Tag – Part II

I have returned to the '73 Questions Blogger Tag' for Part II! Like last time, if any of my readers are interested in reading more about topics such as travel & photography, mental health and pets, check out Nicole's blog. So without further ado, let's get into it! 18. Q: What is your nationality? A: Simply … Continue reading ’73 Questions’ Blogger Tag – Part II