Submit-The-Clock September Writing Challenge

Happy 1st of September! While there are always new days and new weeks, it’s the new months that give people the best sense of a fresh start as the year continues. With that said, the existence of all kinds of monthly challenges on social media sprung to mind. It gave me the idea of partaking in a writing challenge myself, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do. However, it will be a challenge of my own creation. As the title of this post suggests, I have called it Submit-The-Clock September and I’ll be using it for a 1st draft of a chosen WIP!

The concept is pretty simple:

Choose a WIP. You have the entirety of September to complete a draft or the end result. Keep track of and surpass the previous week’s word-count. 

After my latest post Using Procrastination to Your Advantage, I truly feel all I need is a unique push to do the writing I want to do. I’ll be posting my progress every Sunday this month. If you wish to take part, I’m hardly going to stop you! With any luck, this encouragement technique will be successful and I’ll have a completed draft by the end of the month. Once again, happy 1st of September!

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