The Validity of Writing in Multiple Genres

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It’s been long said that writers of all sorts should stick to a singular genre; whatever category your first story ended up in, you shouldn’t veer outside of that world. All I can say is whoever came up with that so-called logic mustn’t have been confident in their abilities. In reality, it’s like walking outside your comfort zone – great things can happen out there. If the cloud of indecision in this matter has hung over your head before, I believe I can leave you with a more optimistic viewpoint of why you should write what you want in any genre(s) regardless of the popular opinion.

You Can Quickly Improve Your Writing Skills


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Writing multiple stories in multiple different genres can help you expand your repertoire. Think about it: Drama can contain comedy and vice versa, same goes for Sci-Fi & Horror and Action can overlap into anything! Each genre has its own beat, its own pace and you already become somewhat familiar with this when writing certain scenes in suitable sub-genres, going from there to a completely different type of story isn’t as far-fetched as some make it seem. It boggles the mind how someone would think venturing into those different tones would hinder writing skills rather than improving them. There’s no such thing as running out of stuff to learn, the possibilities truly are endless.

You Become Adaptable


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If something isn’t working, you have the ability to change that. Sure, you can choose to ride it out and start fresh eventually, but there’s no guarantee you’ll still have the motivation to continue, unfortunately. It’s all an uphill battle. Being adaptable as a writer is incredibly important, especially for the uncertain who feel cornered by being in the one genre that may not be working for them. The chances of perishing rise when one chooses not to adapt over time. This process can potentially result in expanding your audience without feeling like you’re leaving one entirety behind for another, which is a huge positive.

Larger Use of Creativity


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If a writer can feel an abundance of creativity coursing through their brains in one beloved genre, the amount that can be achieved in the vicinity of multiple genres can be captivating. It does sound like additional pressure simultaneously, however I like to think of the majority of pressure as being self-inflicted. There’s you and your internal canvas, it’s not meant to be bound by such limitations like a singular genre. As long as you’re proud of what you’ve produced, be it experimental, whatever, go with that pride and see what happens. It isn’t done often enough.

There’s so many questions writers ponder looking for conclusive answers, don’t let yourself question your utilisation of multiple genres. If you want to do it, go for it and the worst that can happen is you learn from your experience, which really is still a technical victory in a way. You’ll be happy you listened your rumblings and at least tried.

One thought on “The Validity of Writing in Multiple Genres

  1. Hi Dalen. I write in several genre as well as in both fiction and non-fiction. My brain refuses to be shoved in a box and told what to do…
    Good article. Thanks.


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