Tweet Review – Star Trek: Picard

I have summed up my review for Star Trek: Picard in a single tweet, which you can view here on my Ko-Fi account.

I will be doing this for various shows and movies over time. Comment what you would like me to review like this and buy me a coffee if you’re curious to see full-length reviews!

3 thoughts on “Tweet Review – Star Trek: Picard

  1. Didn’t read the tweet as I do not use Twitter, but I actually love the show 😀 I thought it’d be too different and hyped like most new remakes lately, but I enjoy all the easter eggs and references to past series. Plus, Stewart is still a damned sharp actor 😀 ❤ Can't wait for this week's ep!


    1. I have the tweet on my Ko-Fi account as an image, there’s a link to it in the post if you want to see it. I do agree with you, there’s so much about it to enjoy! I couldn’t forgive those who don’t like Patrick Stewart haha. It can only get better this week for sure! 🙂

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