What If The Coronavirus Was A Movie…

As of this writing, the Coronavirus has been serious enough to force dozens of events – including concerts and Dublin Comic Con: Spring Edition – to be postponed for populations’ own safety, not to mention the possible rescheduling of WWE’s biggest show of the year, WrestleMania, temporarily introducing in-cinema seat separation, encouragement to self-quarantine and the deaths. 2020 could very well be filled with tumbleweeds rolling through empty streets worldwide, so let’s diminish the seriousness of all the doom & gloom for a few minutes with the following question: what if the Coronavirus was a movie?

There’s quite possibly hundreds of movies to choose from that could relate in some way, so I narrowed it down to my own list of 5, in no particular order.





World War Z


Around The World In 80 Days


The Blob


If the Coronavirus was a movie, these are just 5 movies I believe best represent what it has become and is still becoming with each passing day! The supermarket scenes in Zombieland and World War Z, previously undiscovered life forms causing deaths in Alien and The Blob and just the title Around The World in 80 Days, I’ve entertained the thoughts and I’ve sold myself!

What movie(s) do you think the Coronavirus would be? Comment below!

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