Reviews – Venom and Mechanic: Resurrection


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“Critics panned it. Fans came to its aid and applauded it. Because of that, it garnered even more attention and became a hit at the box office after releasing in China. Nearly 2 years later, does it still hold up?

Venom had 2 things that Spider-Man 3‘s incarnation of the villain/anti-hero disregarded entirely: proper identities for both Eddie Brock and the symbiote and a relationship between the two.”

For the rest of the ‘Venom’ review, click here

Mechanic: Resurrection

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The Mechanic came out in 2011. Jason Statham is in it. It was okay, not awful but definitely nothing groundbreaking or memorable. Mechanic: Resurrection is the sequel. Was there much else known prior to its initial release in 2016? Probably not. Is it any good though?”

For the rest of the ‘Mechanic: Resurrection’ review, click here

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