A Quiet Space To Write

Featured Image Credit | Tnarik Innael | Flickr

When your usual surroundings are filled with all sorts of noises from family and neighbours to dogs barking and TVs, it can feel quite discouraging. It can make us feel like we’ll never get anything done, like we’ll never be able to tune everything out so we can focus on achieving our dreams. The negativity can get worse from there and send us spiraling. What a mess this can become.

Thankfully, outdoor environments can provide us with everything we need to concentrate and excell. It’s all about choosing the right one(s) for you. There’s a few spaces here in Co. Cork, Ireland I regularly visit to help those creative juices flow effortlessly and maybe there’s similar spaces where you live too.

Mardyke Walk

I occasionally walk while I type these posts into the Notepad app on my phone. In fact, that’s exactly how I wrote this one. It depends on my mood how I tackle these. If it’s walking around without any desire to sit down, this is where I recommend.

There’s a wide open water view to admire and the only noise you’d come across would be the wind and the odd passer-by discussions. This is a relatively quiet space where you can let your mind run free.

Fitzgeralds Park

Image Credit | corkguide.ie

Not too far from the Mardyke Walk, Fitzgeralds Park is a much vaster space. It caters to those who also wish to sit down in front of a variety of views, such as more open water while surrounded by plenty of trees that gives off a peaceful vibe, the entire front space upon walking in and there’s even a shelter to sit in with a nearby café if the weather isn’t the best but you still want to be outdoors, which is the case more often than not in Ireland.

Image Credit | Wikipedia

There are sections of noisier space around here, but they generally aren’t heard in every spot I’ve mentioned. Having multiple choices to quiet the mind has never felt easier. If you want to more about Fitzgeralds Park, everything can be found here.

The Lough

Image Credit | 96fm.ie

The Lough is my go-to space. It isn’t just the most convenient for me, it’s also the most creative spot to be in. Like the others, it has a pathway to walk around and a water view you can sit in front of, but it also has a bigger field space than that people treat like a beach in the Summer. People come here to do just about everything. They bring their own volleyball nets, they tie their slacklines to trees, they juggle, I could seriously go on and on!

Image Credit | irishexaminer.com

It feels so encouraging to sit down and write at The Lough when being nearby other creative minds. It’s constantly a sight to behold. I feel grateful to be near such a space.

There’s definitely more spaces in Cork than what I’ve mentioned to acquire some peace and quiet. However, I’m not the guy to be asking about them. I simply find my spaces and stick to them. As long as I have a quiet space to write, I’m happy.

Thank you, ~M of Her Writing Haven, for the suggestion for today’s post!

Do you have a suggestion of your own for a future post? Leave a comment!

6 thoughts on “A Quiet Space To Write

    1. Yeah they’re all within walking distance of me. The Lough takes about 25 minutes to walk to while the others take closer to an hour but it’s not any inconvenience for me. I enjoy walking around 🙂

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      1. I wish I had that luxury! I live in a big city and there are no parks within walking distance. And I don’t have access to a car during the day either. But I do spend a good amount of time walking every day. I’m like you, I write in the notes section on my phone while I walk. The majority of my poems are born that way.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It’s good that you get to walk around and type some stuff into your phone at least, I honestly recommend anywhere but indoors. I don’t know how anyone concentrates inside

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