Topics That Didn’t Work For Me

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It’s effortless for anyone to talk about what worked for them. That content is advertised all over their social media platforms. What worked and continues to work for people is constantly in the public eye.

What didn’t work is another story. That stuff often gets deleted and sometimes never spoken about again. Erased from existence like it wasn’t what lead to what finally did work. While I also didn’t keep everything, I still have topics on my blog as of this writing that I don’t feel the need to revisit.


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A few of my old posts from 2 years ago are music related. In those early days, I thought writing about anything as it gained attention would also bring attention to my blog, so I wrote about Avril Lavigne’s Head Above Water when I eventually stopped listening to it. They’re not among my worst pieces of writing in general, but I came to the conclusion that it takes a lot more than enjoying listening to something to really write about it.

Not doing much more than that was an easy decision to make. If I wanted to write about it like I write about writing, I’d have to put a lot of extra thought into exactly how to do it well. That’s more effort I’d rather not put into a topic I probably wouldn’t write often about anyway.

Ko-Fi Posts

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At one point, I thought it was a good idea to create a Ko-Fi account, work hard on filling it up with movie reviews and the odd short story, gain tips from readers and put those little savings away. I even still have a link to it somewhere on my blog. Here’s the thing though: that felt like stealing.

The default tip amount is set at €3. There’s good quality indie author’s self-published books on Kindle that cost less than that and there I was looking for that amount for reviews and short stories! It didn’t feel right. If I’m going to make money as a writer, then I’m going to give people much better quality. All good things take time.

Short Stories (in Script Format)

Believe it or not, this is the reason I have this blog today. My initial goal was to have somewhere to keep my short story scripts and build a portfolio out of them. Perhaps they’d gain attention and readers would flock to them. In 2021 thinking back to stories I wrote in 2016, I couldn’t be more grateful that that didn’t happen!

I was barely writing for 3 years at that point – pure beginner phase. Nothing I wrote was any good and the stuff that still manages to bring a smile to my face doesn’t make any sense! They’re the definition of ‘written for me’. I wouldn’t dare show anyone under serious circumstances. I’m glad I didn’t leave any of those behind.

My blog hasn’t been all about smoothly moving from one post to the next and that’s not a bad thing. The topics that didn’t work for me the way I intended are just as important as any that did. My proof of that is this entire blog. Don’t be afraid of the possibility that something might fail. Just dive in and give it a go. A screw up could lead to a glow up. It sure did for me.

26 thoughts on “Topics That Didn’t Work For Me

  1. The first part of this got me thinking about the stuff in my life that hasn’t worked for me. And you’re right… hardly anybody shares that stuff. It would actually be fun to start sharing more of those things that were failures and compare them to the things that actually worked. Hmmm… 🤨🧐🤓😉

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    1. Exactly! It’s worth taking a look at successes and thinking if any of those would’ve turned out the way they did if not for an initial failure 😁 I came to that conclusion for myself at the end of the post and couldn’t believe I’d actually kinda forgotten how my blog turned out how it did 😅 I’m happy to have gotten you thinking too 😉

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  2. Other than those who decide on a niche when they start a blog, I think everyone else goes through this. When I first started writing and publishing short stories and flash fiction on my blog, they got little attention. Then, a few years later (just as I thought it was time to call it a day on them), one of my short stories went viral. I’m still writing and publishing short stories and flash fiction on my blog seven years later, although those posts do nowhere near as good as others do. I’m glad I didn’t give up on them.

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    1. I did ever-so-slightly forget about niche bloggers here haha but it’s a journey to find a niche that sometimes could look like this. It’s great to know you never gave up on something you wanted to post. It’s all about doing what you got to do to enjoy yourself whilst keeping an eye on traffic. Just takes finding the right balance

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  3. Great post! That’s the cool thing about having a blog for years. You can look back and see the steps you took on each part of the journey and sometimes they didn’t work how you hoped. That’s cool you started your blog to be a portfolio for your writing. Mine was always meant to be like a scrap book or written record of my writing journey. It’s cool to see all the different things we’ve tried over the years.

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    1. Looking back like that can be pretty crazy when you realise the amount that didn’t turn out as planned. I think it worked out for both of us regardless of our initial plans. We’ve been pushed towards a better quality longevity

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      1. That’s true! I remember thinking I’d get an agent for modeling and for writing. XD I had such a high dreams and hopes, but that initial high achieving optimism fueled me to be where I am today. And you have certainly come a long way from when you first began, too.

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      2. And even given where you are today, you might still be surprised where you may end up down the line. I can definitely see you doing such great things the world has yet to see. Thank you very much, Sara 🙂

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      3. I never claimed to be a the top by any means. I’m future focused and I intend to grow very much in another ten years
        – I’m still a young woman with a lot of things to accomplish. I had the goal to become a really powerful presence for the longest time, but in the past year my thinking shifted. Now I just want a peaceful, content life with one great person to support me. That matters more to me now, even 2 years ago, I would have never said that. I’m sure my books will make their mark, and I hope all the work I’ve put into them will pay off for me one day. Though I don’t have the huge thinking I used to, I still obviously intend to grow a lot in the next ten years. That’s why I’ve been so excited to hit my 40s!

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      4. It’s interesting reading this currently partially with that mindset that you used to have, going through the thinking you went through. I absolutely know you’ll get everything you want one day because you’re a remarkable hardworking woman with a ton of creativity to show for it! I hope I feel excited to get older like you are at some point haha

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      5. Thank you, Dalen, for being so encouraging and good to talk to always. Aw yes when I was 20 I believed I was going to be a hot 40-something, and now I’m 38 and looking/feeling so young still. I’ve felt young for most of my life. it would be strange for me not to look forward to my 40’s. Hehe 🙂 I’m sure you can feel the same.

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      6. You’re welcome, Sara. I’ll always try my best to be. You still look much younger than 38 too. It’s great that you feel young too, to feel yourself maturing more than getting older sounds peaceful. I hope your 40s will be a decade to remember fondly 🙂 Who knows how I’ll feel when I hit 30 haha

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      7. Ok you might think I’m nuts, but how you smile reminds me so much of my ex. Even the eyes. You’re a totally different person from him, but some things are so similar. Maybe I’m still just getting over him. Lol

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