Doing The Most Writing With The Least Time

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Whether you’re anything from a college student to a writer or even just generally adulting, you’re used to working with long term deadlines. All of a sudden, long enough passes you by that you’re only left with a fraction of that time and you’ve yet to start whatever it is you do.

What if there’s more to this? What if it’s another process that’s been simply going misunderstood this entire time?

Some May Call It ‘Being Lazy’

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What a misconstrual! I do get that viewpoint. Someone’s seen doing nothing so that must mean they’re unmotivated. Well, not always. If you’re anything like me, you absolutely can complete something efficiently with plenty of time to spare if you wanted to.

With that being the case, why do it as soon as possible? A certain level of stress will come with tasks no matter the case, so there’s no need to spread that stress out. With less time we’re composed, we’re relaxed and there’s no big enough gap present to allow any stress to seep in. We’ve strolled to completion close enough to the deadline that we’re not second-guessing ourselves. We’re in our element.

It’s Not Like Putting Something Off Until The Last Minute

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Putting something off can be surrounded by unwillingness, frustration and pressure. What I’m talking about doesn’t concern such negativity. You can still give yourself an opening you’re comfortable with. The smaller opening tends to unlock some more motivation you never thought you had.

Those long durations of time between deadlines can sometimes cause one to wait until it’s too late to do your best work. Trimming it yourself is you staying in control. It’s all subjective, of course.

“You’re Not Making Any Sense”

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Oh, but I am! It mightn’t makes sense to you because you can’t foresee it working for you and that’s cool. You got your thing. It probably does make more sense to do something as soon as possible when that time is being managed in a more common structure.

But it’s 2021. What’s become the common structure of how to do something doesn’t work for everyone anymore. I know I can vouch for myself when it comes to unorthodox methods being effective and I’d feel pretty stupid to think I’m alone there. This isn’t chaos. It’s shifting the common structure down the timeline.

There’s a fine line between ‘process’ and ‘sheer laziness’. You define it. I’ve defined it my way throughout this post and while there will be some who think I’m just spouting nonsense, this is how my mind works and it makes sense to me. When it makes sense to us, it doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else. In the end, we still get our shit done. When you think you’re seeing laziness, you really could be witnessing another process.

Thank you, ~M of Her Writing Haven for the inspiration for today’s post!

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16 thoughts on “Doing The Most Writing With The Least Time

  1. What a great post! And I totally agree, looks can be deceiving and you never how ones process works. It’s always great to keep an open mind 😊

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    1. I’m very glad you enjoyed it! It is great to keep an open mind about things like this, picking someone’s brain in this regard can not only be enjoyable but can also help understand this aspect of someone better and that’s always worth the time 😊


  2. Great post! Sometimes I just sit in silence letting my thoughts simmer awhile. I know a poem’s ready when the thoughts begin to bubble over the edge and land on my paper. πŸ˜‰

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  3. I like how you worded this. In the end, we all get our shit done. That’s true. I’m glad you’ve been finding what works best for you and procrastinating does bring about more stress than needed, there’s no denying it.

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  4. As a university student I can so agree with all the things you mentioned. I have noticed that I tend to do my best work when I do things closer to the deadline because I feel more motivated to finish the work whereas when I do it earlier I feel like I’m forcing myself to do something I don’t need to do.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah exactly and it’s like you said on the post everyone deals with stuff differently. For some people doing stuff in advance helps whereas for others doing stuff later on helps it just depends πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

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  5. Hey Dalen! I love that….when you think you’re seeing laziness you may be seeing another process. Well done. Great reminder for both sides: don’t judge me! I’m staring out this window for a reason … so when I see someone staring out a window—shh…they’re working!! All true.


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