About Me

Let’s see… where to begin…

Well, I have Level 5 & Level 6 QQI qualifications in Film & TV. It was during this time of my life I was introduced to Scriptwriting. Since then, I’ve been learning all I can about the world of writing, entering in script competitions, engaging with fellow writers – doing all I can to become a great writer in my own right.

Even though I created this blog in 2016, it wasn’t until late 2018 I set out to post regularly. I’ve more or less stuck to doing that. It’s been said to be more efficient to post on allocated days each week. I simply can’t bring myself to do that some weeks, so I now post whenever I feel like I want to without any unnecessary self-pressure.

Outside of writing, my interests mainly comprise of superheroes and wrestling. Others include playing pool, coffee, my own company, you know I could ramble on with the list.

I hope you find this blog to be a more enjoyable part of the online universe!