General Writing

The Emotional Execution Of Good Writing

The Lethargic Implementation of Bad Writing

Not Great, Yet Not Terrible – The In-between State

Are Writing Seminars Still Necessary?

Is ‘Bird Box’ Worth The Watch Or Simply A Popular Meme?

Does Sci-Fi Have Any Limitations?

Villains – A Guilty Pleasure

Why You Should Take Advantage Of Writing Competitions

Critics’ Dislike of Comedy

The Story of My First Story

Helpful Scriptwriting Tips

The Best Place to Be in Cork (For A Writer)

How I Get Rid of Writer’s Block

The Benefits of Keeping a Writing Journal

Head Above Water – The Journey of Death and Resurgence

When You Can Call Yourself a Writer

An Individual Impression: The Oscars

Why Rejection Isn’t the End

Finding the Time to Write

Cleaning Up That First Draft

Underrated Female Heroes Tag

A Major Problem with Writing Female Superheroes These Days (And a Solution)

Positives and Negatives of Keeping a Word-Count

Angel Bites 20: Ranking Seasons From Worst to Best

Finding Comfort in Scriptwriting

4 Reasons Why ‘Spider-Man 2’ Is Not Overrated

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