The Awesome Blogger Award

Just as I plan on becoming more active with my blog again like I was last year, I get nominated for a blog award and not just any blog award, The Awesome Blogger Award! If there was ever a sign to keep being active, this has to be it. As usual, there are a set … Continue reading The Awesome Blogger Award

When You Can’t Make Your Story Work

Featured Image Credit: Cressida Downing | I'm sure we've all had moments like this, where an alluring idea crops up in your mind, you write down a few scenes, characters and your own logic to support it all before hitting a brick wall. Everything looks fine, but something doesn't feel right. Eventually, after countless hours of … Continue reading When You Can’t Make Your Story Work

Upcoming Ebook Excerpt – 1st Draft of Introduction + Chapter 1

Introduction When people share their success stories, it’s uncommon for them to share their struggles and exactly how they achieved that success along with them, even in 2020. The stories usually go something along the lines of ‘they found their passion as a child, did something with it years later and kick-started their careers’ – … Continue reading Upcoming Ebook Excerpt – 1st Draft of Introduction + Chapter 1

Using Procrastination to Your Advantage

Featured Image Credit: Renita Kalhorn, For months now, I’ve been sitting across from procrastination, seeing it as my enemy. While there have been instances where I’ve been able to put my head down and write, it’s been mostly stress and pressure with no results, yet it’s the only angle I tackled my lack of … Continue reading Using Procrastination to Your Advantage

’73 Questions’ Blogger Tag – Part II

I have returned to the '73 Questions Blogger Tag' for Part II! Like last time, if any of my readers are interested in reading more about topics such as travel & photography, mental health and pets, check out Nicole's blog. So without further ado, let's get into it! 18. Q: What is your nationality? A: Simply … Continue reading ’73 Questions’ Blogger Tag – Part II

Because… Reasons: Salvaging the Horror Genre

For many, many years now, horror movies have become monotonous and annoying to watch. For about 20-30 minutes straight, you're bored to death by trivial setup until you become annoyed by the anticipation of an obvious jump scare - a formula that seems to not have changed since its inception - and then you go … Continue reading Because… Reasons: Salvaging the Horror Genre

4 Reasons Why ‘Spider-Man 2’ Is Not Overrated

With Spider-Man: Far From Home right around the corner, it’s time for the return of a question that never exhausts itself: is Spider-Man 2 overrated? Some say no, others say it’s all nostalgia. But what if the constant praise of the 2004 flick really is due to more than just Spider ‘Stalgia? I for one … Continue reading 4 Reasons Why ‘Spider-Man 2’ Is Not Overrated