The Real Neat Blog Award – Nomination

Either this was intended for someone with the exact same name as me or I have been nominated for The Real Neat Blog Award! This will be a lengthy post, so let's get into this! The Rules Display the award logo - featured image would be the best way to do that Thank your nominator … Continue reading The Real Neat Blog Award – Nomination

The Liebster Blog Award – Nomination

A couple of days ago, I received a nomination for The Liebster Blog Award! Along with this comes a set of rules to follow, so let's get down to it. Rules Thank your nominator and provide a link to their blog Post the award on your blog - as a widget, in a category, as … Continue reading The Liebster Blog Award – Nomination

An Individual Impression: The Oscars

With the 2019 Oscars right around the corner, we're bound to see several groups of stand-out movies, each filled with different kinds of meaning and direction. However, viewers don't always particularly have a want to watch a movie with a good story that brags about the meaning and direction it attempts to reflect within itself. … Continue reading An Individual Impression: The Oscars