The Validity of Writing in Multiple Genres

Featured Image Credit: It's been long said that writers of all sorts should stick to a singular genre; whatever category your first story ended up in, you shouldn't veer outside of that world. All I can say is whoever came up with that so-called logic mustn't have been confident in their abilities. In reality, … Continue reading The Validity of Writing in Multiple Genres

Critics’ Dislike of Comedy

More than any other genre (including horror), comedy gets critically panned at a constant rate. A comedic movie/TV show can contain well-written humour, do what it’s supposed to do as a full-blown spoof and can encourage standout moments of acting and yet, these contents go underappreciated because of the category they’re involved in. Critics’ dislike … Continue reading Critics’ Dislike of Comedy

Does Sci-Fi Have Any Limitations?

In worlds where becoming the extraordinary hero/villain is achievable, where science pushes boundaries with powers beyond any explanation until after it happens and the relationships between people drastically change as a result, the word 'impossible' doesn't seem to appear in any dictionaries in the world of Science Fiction. However, is that actually the case? With … Continue reading Does Sci-Fi Have Any Limitations?