Finding Comfort in Scriptwriting

I have spent the last few years honing my craft in Scriptwriting while simultaneously writing in traditional book format. I used to think the difference between the two styles wasn't too different beyond structure and how dialogue is brought into play. I didn't spend much time in a Film course from 2013-2015 to realise that … Continue reading Finding Comfort in Scriptwriting

Helpful Scriptwriting Tips

In the modern era, the formatting style used for novels and short stories remains as one of the most popular styles to be used by writers, big and small. Unless you’re living the Hollywood lifestyle day-in and day-out, Scriptwriting is an undervalued practice, yet a more efficient one than anyone dares to realise. It just … Continue reading Helpful Scriptwriting Tips

Are Writing Seminars Still Necessary?

As the world of film and areas alike continue to change coming into 2019, so have certain resources, particularly those to do with writing. A lot of what one can learn about many different forms of writing can be found outlined by online articles and YouTube videos by both semi-experienced writers and professionals. This begs … Continue reading Are Writing Seminars Still Necessary?