Reviews – Venom and Mechanic: Resurrection

Venom [Opening Paragraphs] "Critics panned it. Fans came to its aid and applauded it. Because of that, it garnered even more attention and became a hit at the box office after releasing in China. Nearly 2 years later, does it still hold up? Venom had 2 things that Spider-Man 3's incarnation of the villain/anti-hero disregarded entirely: proper … Continue reading Reviews – Venom and Mechanic: Resurrection

Not Great, Yet Not Terrible – The In-between State

After going through what makes great writing and examples of bad writing, a new thought formed – what about the writing in-between all of this? Why do end-results end up here? This state of controversy can be a tricky area as most critics are solely focused on wanting a story to appear ground-breaking, while plenty … Continue reading Not Great, Yet Not Terrible – The In-between State